Seasonal Beer / Cerveza de la temporada

Old Town Bock

Dark Lager - ABV 5.4% - IBU 18

Smooth easy drinking dark lager.

A little more flavorful than your run of the mill lager

Lager oscura

La Primavera

Juicy IPA - ABV 6.3% - IBU 25

Pineappley deliciousness. All the hops on on your nose and isn't bitter at all

IPA sin mucha amarga con tonos de piña

Beer / Cerveza


Lager - ABV 4.7% - IBU: 11

Crisp, clean, easy drinker.

The perfect substitute for macro lager drinkers.

A hint of earthy flavor but otherwise completely smooth.

Refrescante , clara y ligera


Summer Wheat - ABV 5.3% - IBU: 15

Spiced with coriander & orange zest.

Super refreshing for hot Mexican days.

Great mouthfeel from the wheat and clean unique flavors from the non hopped additions

Trigo, especies y notas de naranja


Chili Ale - ABV 4.5% - IBU: 15

Brewed with roasted serrano peppers.

Expect more of the chili flavor in the beginning

with just a touch of spice at the end.

Spiciness is not overwhelming if you're looking for something that strays from the beaten path

Preparada con chiles serranos.


Amber Ale - ABV 5.4% - IBU: 20

A crowd favorite with sweet nutty flavors.

A great starter beer for those who aren't super familiar with the craft beer scene. A great compliment to the lineup for seasoned craft beer drinkers.

Named for our dear friend Maria O'Connor who was instrumental in the foundation of the brewery. RIP

La favorita de todos con notas de caramelo


India Pale Ale - ABV 7.6% - IBU: 65

Classic West Coast style IPA. Bitter!

Oh baby! If you're looking for the classic look no further. Perfectly bitter with just a touch of body. We blow this up with massive amount of Cascade as our dry hop to slap your nose before your first sip.

Clásica IPA estilo west coast


American Strong Ale - ABV 7.2% - IBU: 50

Hoppy aromatic dark ale.

Great fun beer that balances massive hop additions with an extremely full body which help keep it from getting too bitter. We're trying to be worthy!

Obscura con aroma a lúpulo


Stout - ABV 5.8% - IBU: 26

Sweet full bodied and nitrogenated

Very much an homage to the classic. Probably our beer that most closely replicates traditional flavors.

Dulce, cremosa y nitrogenada


Grapefruit IPA - ABV 6.5% - IBU: 55

Citric hops paired with grapefruit zest.

Why stick to just using hops to develop your citric flavors? Using real grapefruit zest is a perfect compliment to this heavily hopped IPA

IPA cítrica con aroma a toronja


Hazy Pale Ale - ABV 5.3% - IBU: 45

Slightly hazy pale ale, flavorful and bitter.

Great for hop heads and hop newbies alike. Very well balanced pale ale without lingering bitterness.

Ligeramente turbia con nota frutales


Vanilla Java Porter - ABV 7.2% - IBU: 20

Dark beer infused with French roast & vanilla.

While this ain't no caucasian it will infuse some life into your journey with a hint of sweetness. The dude abides!

Obscura con infusión de café y vainilla

All art by our good friend

Michael Noel Wallace

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